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Irrigators throw cold water on infrastructure project

Irrigators throw cold water on infrastructure project
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Irrigators throw cold water on infrastructure project

By By Brian Johnston Dec 17, 2013, 6:35:00 AM EST Share this article:

When the Legislature passed Senate Bill 27 last year to rebuild flood control infrastructure in San Juan County, a contractor, West San Juan Engineering, got a raise by an average $23,000. That raises the overall size of the contractor to about 40.

While the contract has cost a $26.5 million increase in cost o강원출장샵 강원출장안마ver the first two years of the contract, it won't likely have any effect on projects like the proposed $4.5 million reconstruction of the Hwy 16 bridge and levee interchange in San Juan, according to David Weltman of West San Juan. That's because the contractor has also negotiated a new contract with the city and other local agencies that includes greater performance guarantees.

"We don't think these changes, even if they're proposed, are as big as they sound," said Weltman. "There's more to do in terms of maintenance of our infrastructure and these things, and then you need to do it properly with these increases in cost."

As the cost of rebuilding the bridge a진주출장샵 진주출장안마nd levee system at Hwy 16 has increased, the contractor has requested higher levels of support to pay for some of those additional costs, Weltman said.

"It's always a question of funding in those situations, bu출장t they've been asking for a minimum of $60 million for the bridge. That was going to be a major issue. They've asked for the levees to be $60 million-plus, to be able to provide adequate maintenance," Weltman said. "The more money that goes into infrastructure, the more needs there are, the less we have for those maintenance services."

Weltman said San Juan has no desire to pay for that additional cost on its portion of the project, as the city hasn't requested a specific increase from the contractor. That's why the city will have to be responsible for building and maintaining the levees and they will be the highest level of the project, the contractor wants to say.

The project, however, will likely have to get an additional $25 million to $30 million. While the contractor is asking for the increased maintenance, "this is not a huge amount for these changes," said Weltman. "They'll have to look at other projects where the cost has increased, as well."

And while the contractor would like to maintain the current bridge and leve

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